Samudraa Yoga Private 1 to 1 Lesson, 4 passes /month in Damansara Perdana


For private 1 to 1 yoga lesson, the structure of lesson can be customized to suite the needs and level of the practitioner.

With the exception of enlightenment, we incorporate all of the steps above into our yoga classes. Something few yoga schools are able to do.

Our yoga classes are very simple to choose from:

  1. Energize if you want to learn and understand the foundations of Hatha Yoga
  2. Intense if you want a serious Hatha Yoga workout
  3. Tranquil if you would like to focus on your inner being
  4. Advanced Athletic Conditioning (AAC) if you want to go beyond Intense
  5. Instructor Training Course (ITC) if you want to become a world-class instructor

The hallmark of all our yoga classes are a good balance of postures, centering techniques, and relaxation methods.



  • Age requirement:
  • Total students: 1
  • Number of lessons: 4 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 350 per month

Fee Includes

4 yoga lessons of 1 hour each per month.