Kids Group Swimming lesson in Shah Alam


This program is an innovative approach for enabling individuals of all ages to learn to swimming and water safety skills.

The program objective and mission is to provide a positive, fun-filled opportunity to learn skills that will reduce the number of accidents and provide lifelong aquatic enjoyment. The program consist of three components : Exploration, Journey & Challenge.

Time and day of Class (optional)

Saturday & Sunday
9 am - 10 am
10 am - 11am
12 am - 1 pm
3 pm - 4 pm
4 pm - 5 pm
6 pm - 7 pm

Weekdays depends on group class availability

  • Age requirement: 4 years and above
  • Total students: 8 student
  • Number of lessons: 8 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 140 per month

Fee Includes

Fees include class and pool entrance fee only