Camp Valour by Yuber Sports in Subang Jaya


Day 1

  • Today you will begin a series of sport-centric skills training that is designed to help you overcome your fear of failure.

Day 2

  • Athletes are built from the ground up. Today you will develop core movement skills, laying a strong foundation to improve your performance.
  • You will gain the art of self-control through a series of sports and life performance exercises.

Day 3

  • All winning teams have a plan with the resilience to see it through and the courage to change it. Today you will live it.
  • You will achieve better results in your life by living and fuelling your body for strength and success, like a champion.

Day 4

  • Today you will know what it feels like to succeed like an athlete, moving through challenges with power and grace via a fun-based competition.
  • You will know what it feels like to compete at a higher level by testing yourself against the pros.

Day 5

  • Today is where you will forge a heart of a champion by bringing all that you've learnt into a fast-paced exciting tournament.
  • You will design an amazing plan for your life so you hit the ground running. GO-APE.
  • We will strengthen your belief in your ability to break through obstacles - BOARD SMASH
  • Age requirement: 13 - 18 years old
  • Total students:
  • Number of lessons: 5 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 2,200 per package

Fee Includes

Jason Moriarty is Malaysia's top conditioning performance coach and a pioneering Youth Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA). Jason dislikes "working out", but loves to have fun with movement. The food pyramid and hitting the gym 3 times a week has failed. We need a new approach.

With 20 years of experience working with high achieving athletes from Gold to Motor Sports, Weekend Hero's to Soccer Mom's and even the hit show Asia's Biggest Looser, Jason has distilled fitness activities into short, fun and effective routines. Jason brings the techniques he uses with top performers and shares them with youth, to get more involved in sports and taking a real interest in improving their health.

Eugene Lim has a one deep burning desire. To help young people discover their belief, passion and direction in life.

With extensive experience working with youth from various social backgrounds, from public to private schools, privileged to under-deserving, Eugene works tirelessly with Seeds Training, the world's No. 1 youth training provider in preparing students of today with crucial life skills & leadership skills, helping them seize opportunity when it knocks.

Fees include 5-day training and meals.