Karate Class in Johor Jaya


Kyokushin Karate is a discipline through which practitioners may find clues to assist them in their own spiritual development and self-exploration. It is also a martial art encompassing philosophical considerations of life and death, struggle and survival. It is a practical form of self-defence, emphasizing (at the initial stages) kicks, punches, blocks and body movement. It is an intense physical activity which directly benefits the individual mentally and physically. 


"Kyokushin" is comprised of two Japanese words. "Kyoku" meaning ultimate and "Shin" meaning truth. The full name is Kyokushin KaiKan were "kai" means associate and "Kan" meaning school. The official "Gi" (Karate Uniform) used by a Kyokushin practitioner has the word Kyokushin Kai embroidered on the left side of the gi-jacket. This calligraphy is called "Kanji". 


Kyokushin Karate is different from the other forms of Karate in that participants are required to go through strenuous training, conditioning and realistic contact while sparring. Kyokushin Karate believes this contact is necessary in order to fully appreciate the resiliency of the human body and spirit and to prepare for any serious confrontation.


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  • Age requirement: Any age
  • Total students: Group Class
  • Number of lessons: 12 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 90 per month

Fee Includes

You can attend all the lessons (12) available at all the Dojo in Johor Bahru.

Fees EXCLUDE life-time registration fee - RM 150 (one-time)

Fees EXCLUDE the gee (uniform) - RM 90