Bruce Lee's Martial Arts - Jeet Kune Do (Group 2 Trial Lessons) in Petaling Jaya



Program Covers:

  1. Basic Footwork (Movement)
  2. Long Range Techniques (Kicks)
  3. Short Range Techniques (Punches)
  4. Trapping Range Techniques (Close Quarter attack & defense)
  5. Efficient, effective & simple self-defense skills
  6. Distraction Attack & Defense Techniques

What Is JKD?

Jeet Kune Do (JKD) means the way of intercepting fist. It is a hybrid martial arts also known as “a style without a style” founded by The Legend Bruce Lee. Many people have use JKD system as a foundation to develop their styles and techniques into an effective art ever since. Despite the development of each individual person mastering JKD, the basic principle of the art is still to be followed as “be like the water”. Hence a good martial artist should move fluidly and act swiftly without hesitation.

Why JKD?

Self-Defense Aspect:
Covers all Possible Range of combat (Attack & Defense):

  1. Kicking Range/Long Range
  2. Boxing Range/Short Range
  3. Close Quarter Range/Trapping Range
  4. Grappling Range 

Covers Weapon Combat & Disarm:

  1. Knife
  2. Stick
  3. Machete
  4. Nunchaku

Mind & Physical Development Aspect:

1) Learn self-defense
2) Self-control
3) Increase focus and concentration
4) Build confidence and self-esteem
5) Coordination and posture
6) Increase physical fitness & get in shape
7) Relieve stress

  • Age requirement: 10 to 60
  • Total students: 5 to 20
  • Number of lessons: 2 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 60 per package

Fee Includes


  1. Free flow of water (from dispenser)
  2. 2 Trial lessons (Utilize in 1 month)


  1. Training T-shirt (RM50 - Registration Fee)