VS Badminton Academy Group Coaching For Intermediate and Advanced Players (2 classes/ week)


Advanced badminton classes will focus on skill refinement to push players to the next level. Advance tactics and technique refinement will be covered.

Programme is designed to expand the range of movement and hitting skills established in beginner class. Learning is engrained in challenging activities so that players can sustain these skills in less predictable situations. Players improve tactical awareness with game-like situations and to further their understanding of the different in-game strategies to counter various playing styles.

  • Age requirement: 4 years old and above
  • Total students: Group class
  • Number of lessons: 8 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 300 per month

Fee Includes

  • 2 classes per week, 2 hours per class
  • Venue and shuttlecock are all inclusive.
  • You just need to bring your racquet and wear proper sports attire.