VS Badminton Academy Group Coaching For Beginners (4 classes/week)


Beginners with no proper badminton training before might develop "bad habits" while playing badminton. There is no way to play professionally with bad habits/bad basics. Thus, we will train you on:

  • Basic Gripping Technique

Learn how to hold your racket using the forehand and backhand grip. If you are not holding the racquet properly, you won't be able to execute strong shots especially to your opponent's baseline.

Basic Footwork
Good footwork allows good movement around the court. Learn the basics of covering the court to return your opponents' shots!

  • Basic Badminton Strokes

Strokes are simply your swing action to hit the shuttle. If you don't perform your strokes correctly, you won't be able to execute quality badminton shots. 

  • Badminton Serve

A badminton rally starts with the serve. Learn the correct techniques to deliver good serves. Good serves definitely give you an edge over your opponent right from the start of the rally.

  • Basic Stance

A good stance sets you up to defend and attack effectively during a game! Learn the offensive stance, defensive stance, and the net stance. You'll find yourself at the top of your game when you use them correctly.

Remember this: In order to become an intermediate or advanced player, you MUST master the basics, make them your habit, then train and train and train. 

Once you get your basics right, learning those advanced or fancy badminton shots are just a matter of time!



Basic Badminton Shots

When you are familiar with the badminton basics,we will train you on basic badminton shots.

  • Defensive High Clear/lob
  • Drop Shots
  • Smashing
  • Net Play
  • Age requirement: 4 years old and above
  • Total students: Group class
  • Number of lessons: 16 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 600 per month

Fee Includes

  • 4 classes per week, 2 hours per class
  • Venue and shuttlecock are all inclusive.
  • You just need to bring your racquet and wear proper sports attire.