Sound Engineering II in Cheras


This course is open to all who want to be competent in their ministry as sound personnel. It is a condensed course sound engineering training with all the choice topics specially picked out from Timothy Lee's years of experience as a PA system consultant and supplier to local churches, and as a music producer.

Students who attend Sound Engineering I & II will be able to set up sound systems, do a spectrum analysis, overcome acoustic problems, do live mixing and maintain sound system.


What will be learnt:

  • Review of level 1
  • Acoustics
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Live mixing 1&2
  • Sermon
  • other recording scenarios

Sound Engineering 1

** This is a partnership between Guidance and G.SUS

  • Age requirement:
  • Total students:
  • Number of lessons: 10 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 350 per package

Fee Includes

Whiteboard with marker pen and eraser. Classroom sound system will be supplied.