Kids Musicianship Class (4 - 6 years old) in Cheras


It is a music group class which mainly for children between 4 to 6 years old based on Kodaly method. This approach uses singing as the basic means of working with children.

Why the VOICE?

1) Singing voice is the most direct way of maing a musical response

2) Singing is an internal skill (you make the sound), whereas playing an     instrument is an external skill (you make something else mae the sound)

3) We all posses this instrument, it is FREE and PORTABLE

4) Communiting both musically and personally with the children through eye-contact


Aims of the lessons:

1) To develop the children's musical memory

2) To develop an awareness of pitch

3) To develop inner hearing (ability to hear musical sounds inwardly

4) To sing in a class, in a group and as an individual

5) To be able to perform 


Children who are actively engaged in making music, especially through singing, are happier children and emotionally and spiritually fulfilled human beings

Location: A-1-8, Connaught Avenue, Jalan 9, Taman Bukit Cheras

  • Age requirement: 4 - 6
  • Total students: 4 - 6
  • Number of lessons: 15 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 320 per package

Fee Includes

-4 months per term

-15 lessons per term

- RM320 per term (RM80 per month)