MYC - Sunbeams 1, 2, 3


Sunbeams 1 (SB1) is the entry point of the MYC® Method for 5-7 years old beginners.  They are first introduced to piano geography and rhythms through MYC Critters to help set their foundation of music knowledge and education; however, the pace of learning for these Sunbeams matches their developmental stages.  Vocabulary development is the focus for this age group. At this stage we introduce “big kid” terminology to introduce concepts, finger numbers, and keyboard geography.

Sunbeams 1 (SB1)

  • Identification and development of keys and rhythm through MYC’s unique keyboard ‘critters’
  • Off-the-staff reading for contour and patterns
  • Steady beat experiences
  • On-the-staff (pitch) reading in treble clef and bass clef
  • Grand staff reading (treble and bass clef)
  • Listening to identify and use dynamics (loud and quiet sounds)
  • Listening to a rhythm pattern and writing it using rhythm writing tools.
  • Coordination of LH and RH
  • Scale playing with harmonizing bridge chords in C major, a minor and G major.


Sunbeams 2 (SB2)

  • Study of 7 different keys with key signatures.
  • Two note bridge chords grow to three note full chords.
  • Coordination of left hand and right hand in playing broken chords with a melody.
  • Coordination in hand-over-hand (crossing over) pieces.
  • Grand staff reading expands to include notes from low G in bass clef to high G in treble clef.
  • Staccato (detached) and legato (smooth) touches are explored.
  • Harmonization (adding chords to a melody) and transposition (moving from one key to another) are important study elements this year.
  • Continued listening to identify and use dynamics (loud and quiet sounds), rhythm patterns and accompaniment styles.

Sunbeams 3 (SB3)
  • Study of minimum of eight keys
  • Continued study of scales harmonized with primary chords and practice of accompaniment patterns including broken chords and playing rhythmic patterns
  • Study of three forms of the minor scale: natural, harmonic, and melodic.
  • Study of inversions of triads
  • Study of cadences. (A cadence is a progression of chords.)
  • Expanded studies of: note names to include ledger lines and articulation with an introduction to accents.
  • Introduction to simple analysis.
  • Continued practice of: harmonization and transposition, composition and arranging, listening for dynamics, meter, articulation, form, and accompaniment styles.

  • Age requirement: 5-7 years old
  • Total students: maximum 6 in a class
  • Number of lessons: 36 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 190 per month

Fee Includes

  • 1 Guardian is allowed to accompany the child
  • Books, Music Bag and Materials are charged separately