Group Flute Lesson (Intermediate) 1 hour


The flute lessons included:

·      Flute parts

·      Posture of holding the flute

·      Embouchure

·      Using of air support

·      How to assembly, clean and take care of the flute

·      Music theory (notes reading, rhythm, counting, musical terms…)

·      Aural

·      Music and exercises to develop the technique

·      Music and exercises to develop the musicality



Please contact for more details.

  • Age requirement: All ages
  • Total students: 3-7
  • Number of lessons: 4 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 200 per month

Fee Includes

The fees included transportation fees.

Lesson Schedule

  • Start from Saturday, 26 Jun 2021. Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM