Tutus Tiaras Ballet Class


Tutus Tiaras Ballet Class at Alice Chow Ballet is the perfect ballet class for your dancing dollies!

In Tutus Tiaras Ballet Class, your petite ballerinas will be twirling beautifully in the studio by learning the basics of ballet movement, fine motor skills, rhythmical awareness and imagination. 

Attire for Dancin` Dollies 

Baby blue leotard attached with royal blue tutus, pink tights and pink ballet shoes Purchase available at our boutique​

Audition for Dancin` Dollies

Parents/guardians are not advisable to accompany your child during audition(required prior enrolment). However, only a parent may stay at the waiting area. No siblings are allowed.

  • Age requirement: 3+
  • Total students: 8 - 10 students
  • Number of lessons: 4 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 80 per month

Fee Includes

Audition fee 

RM 30 (non refundable)

Enrolment fee

RM 355 (inclusive of dancin` dollies blue tutus and *mini pointe shoes x1 + *ballet shoes bag x1 by Sansha)

*while stock last