Intermediate Public Speaking Class For Kids in Puchong



HANKidz Speaker's Workshop is a public speaking workshop that builds children's confidence and communication skills! We have all components a child needs to be an excellent speaker: the 3P Methodology

Passion, Purpose, Proficiency.

Public Speaking is not just about skills, but most of the time very much related to the MINDSET of a child. This programme is designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old. 

Here are the outlines of what your child learns in all the workshops!

  • Friends and Enemies of my growth as a speaker: They listed them down what helps them to grow and identified what holds them back from growing! With that, they geared themselves up with the 5 Attitudes of a Great Speaker as a foundation of their growth in this journey
  • The importance of teamwork: They learn how long-term growth can be fun and enjoyable with the support of like-minded friends who wants to step up as a public speaker too!
  • Proactiveness and the power of speaking up: Through a game, the speakers learnt that their voice matters, and it is important that they speak up to drive the team to success!
  • Three R’s: Read, Recap and Recite: The speakers learnt how they can absorb new information and deliver them out in their own words and opinions to enhance their spontaneity to speak without a script!
  • Art of Rapport 2.0: With the basic foundation of building rapport from the advanced journey, the Mastery Speakers took a step further to go deep into their connection with friends, families and ultimately the world (their audience).
  • Four Speaker’s Style: The speakers equipped themselves with 4 different styles of speaking: Warrior, Lover, Magician, King/Queen. By adopting these styles of speaking, the speakers learnt that they can be flexible with their approach at the same time be committed to their intention of speaking!
  • The difference between Roles and Responsibilities of a speaker: Here they learn to be precise and clear in their roles and have clarity on the crucial parts they play in making an event a success!
  • How to engage with audience virtually: Speakers get creative to share their ideas to keep people engaged, leveraging on stories, jokes, physical movements and more!
  • How to brainstorm ideas and voice out my opinions: Speakers built their muscle to think and share their ideas in a team, training them to not only be a speaker, but also a speaker who leads.
  • Rediscovering their WHY of speaking: The speakers were exposed to the reality of life for many in this world. They learn about world hunger, the refugee crisis, racial discrimination. With that, they strengthen their purpose to speak up to give and help.
  • Meet and Greet with Coach Hanky: Speakers further applied their questioning and rapport building abilities while interviewing Coach Hanky and understanding further why he does what he does! It was an inspiring session for the speakers.
  • Voice colours: Recap and application on what they learned in their foundational classes to leverage their powerful voice!

       Contact Coach Emily at 012-7265180 to book a seat for your child now!

  • Age requirement: 6 - 12 years old
  • Total students: 12
  • Number of lessons: 1 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 50 per package

Fee Includes

  • Class Fees
  • Speaker's Observation Report

Lesson Schedule

  • Start from Saturday, 5 Mar 2022. Every Sunday, Saturday
    from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM