Advance Public Speaking Class For Kids in Puchong(Online & Onsite)



·       In this Speak2Lead advance series, your child will travel through four speaking adventures, namely:

  •  Beyond the Ice: In the land Beyond the Ice, your child learnt to dive deeper into the art of connection and the gift of a beautiful state. Beyond speaking to just a crowd of people, true authentic public speaking is being able to connect to each individual in the crowd. Hence, in her adventure through the ice storms, your child learnt essential rapport building skills that allow him to connect to just anyone on stage or interpersonally. Along the way, she met the Ice Man Wim Hof, who taught her a breathing technique that supports her to embrace the Art of Beautiful State no matter what comes her way. Whether it’s nervousness on stage or fear that comes along through her journey of life, she knows she has the ability to regain a beautiful state.

  •  The Great Escape: In her adventure through the Mesozoic Era, your child helped the last standing dinosaur Aroe to rebuild the Dinosaur World by building her acknowledgement and feedback giving muscle! Learning these skills allows your child to independently review her own speeches (and her team mate’s) as they grow through and progress in their journey as speakers. Your child also learnt that giving and receiving feedback are gifts for her to unleash her own and their friends’ fullest potential. At the same time, your child embraced the Beauty of Acknowledgement, a skill that allows her to build her OWN confidence by celebrating the little wins in life to build her momentum of progress further.

  •  Into the Infinitus Wonderland: In this colourful adventure through the Land of Infinitus Wonder, your child embarked on a journey with Charlie Charlie to stretch their showmanship to the next level! Together with her friends, they experienced a series of adventures with Queenie the Bee to reveal their truest selves and go 100% without holding back. Finally, at the last stop of this adventure, your child collected the Magical Potion to defeat the villain! She achieved this by learning deeper interactive tools to engage with her audience and even applying them with her peers. Through the application, the speakers integrated the Three ‘S’ to Thrive, to sync their actions, tone and expressions together! 

  •  The Ensemble of Bogavard Castle: Your child is born with a voice, a voice that is meant to express fully and spontaneously! In this adventure into the Village of Portsmouth, the speakers experienced a game of Werewolves that built their spontaneity in speaking up and expressing themselves. It was an intense and exciting experience that brought out the true nature of your child’s voice, stretching her muscle to speak on her feet! As the speakers entered the Bogavard Castle, they learnt about the 4 bird archetypes: Peacock, Owl, Eagle and Dove.

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  • Age requirement: 6 - 12 years old
  • Total students: 12
  • Number of lessons: 1 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 50 per package

Fee Includes

  • Class Fees
  • Speaker's Observation Report

Lesson Schedule

  • Start from Sunday, 6 Mar 2022. Every Sunday, Saturday
    from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM