Young Scientists Program in Puchong


Basic Level

  • Our objective is to educate and enlighten students with a broad spectrum of sciences; from Biology to Space Exploration.
  • Students will build simple models, conduct experiments and this will help them understand the basics & fundamentals of science better.


Intermediate Level

  • It's full of fascinating hands-on experiments & projects. 
  • Students will build interesting and challenging collection of models that are a great way to experience the world of science. 
  • They will be also exposed to projects and fact findings.

Advanced Level

  • The most challenging level where students will research, design and develop models based on selected science topics. 
  • The presentation skills will also be developed during this phase.
  • There will be regular competitions between students and lots of group discussion and brainstormings.
  • Age requirement: 5-15 years old
  • Total students: 15 per class
  • Number of lessons: 12 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 150 per month

Fee Includes

all the experiment materials