Mayan Math


The rediscovered methodology, which makes incomprehensible and abstract science like Mathematics become simple and exciting for children. It’s a unique way of teaching, where children can clearly see the composition of numbers. The name and method are derived from ancient Mexican tribe Maya. 

The Program helps children to quickly and correctly learn addition, subtraction, and to easily perceive arithmetic operations.

2 months (60 /90 minutes twice a week)

  • Age requirement: 5-10 years old
  • Total students: 6
  • Number of lessons: 8 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 455 per month

Fee Includes

Not included text books. 

Lesson Schedule

  • Start from Monday, 12 Apr 2021. Every Monday, Thursday
    from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM