Form 4 Tuition (11subjects in one price) in Cheras


  • Sejarah
  • Biology
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Phy
  • Science
  • Accounts
  • Chemistry
  • Addmath
  • Economics
  • Math
  • Engish

F.O.C Programme provided

  1. Workshop - Examination workshops free of charge conducted before term exams and major exams. For SPM a 100 hour program is run every year with no extra charges.
  2. Motivation Classes - To heighten the motivation levels of students to be positive and to be mission and vision oriented. F.O.C.
  3. Elite Group Program - Create well balanced successful students. They will be trained to excel in exams. From daily timetable right up to presentations. This is only open to serious and interested students. No charges.
  • Age requirement:
  • Total students:
  • Number of lessons: 44 lesson(s) for each month

Fees Information

Price: RM 200 per package

Fee Includes

RM200 for all classes included Sejarah,Biology,BM,Phy,Science,ACC,Chem,Addmath,Eco,Math,Eng

Students can attend all the classes provided

  • Monday : Sejarah 7-8.30pm , Biology 9-10.30pm
  • Tuesday : BM 6-7.30pm, Phy 7.30-9pm , Science 7.30-9pm
  • Wednesday : Accounts 8-9.30pm
  • Thursday : Chemistry 6-7.30pm , Add Math 8-9.30 pm, Economics 6-7.30pm
  • Friday : Math 6-7.30pm , English 8-9.30 pm