Microsoft Project Advanced - S Curves, Reporting, Combining with Excel


Microsoft Project Advanced  for construction–S -Curves, Reporting, Combination with Excel


This course assumes that you have attended our Introduction/Intermediate level Microsoft Project training course or you have a good understanding of Microsoft Project.

It also assumes that you have an understanding of project management techniques and can create/manage a project.



This course aims to show delegates how to become power users of MS Project. It assumes that delegates have an understanding a familiarity with Project but do not use currently use all of it’s functionality and shows them how to make best use of that additional functionality. This course will also equip delegates with the skills necessary to create and output custom views and reports which are not necessarily available as part of the standard MS Project toolset.



                •             Setup a Project

                •             Setup Project Calendar

                •             Entering Tasks, Duration, Dependencies

                •             Adding Resources

                •             Baseline Analysis


                •             Understanding Project Templates

                •             Examining the Templates

                •             Saving a Project as a Template

                •             Using a Custom Project Template

                •             Specifying the Personal Templates Folder

                •             Using the Personal Template Folder

                •             Modifying a Template

                •             Understanding the Global Template

                •             Organising the Global Template

                •             Applying a Newly Organised Item

                •             Removing Items From the Global Template


                •             Understanding Linked Projects

                •             Combining Projects

                •             Viewing a Combined Project

                •             Printing From a Combined Project

                •             Setting a Combined Project Start Date

                •             Changing Data in a Combined Project

                •             Saving and Closing a Combined Project

                •             Using Only the Combined Project File

                •             Using Only Subproject Files

                •             Inserting Subprojects

                •             Breaking Subproject Links

                •             Creating a Read Only Subproject

                •             Inserting Task Links

                •             Creating a Summary Milestone


                •             Understanding Resource Sharing

                •             Creating a Common Resource Pool

                •             Linking to an External Pool

                •             Linking a New Project File to the Pool

                •             Assigning Resources From the Pool

                •             Working With Shared Resources

                •             Checking for Resource Links

                •             Managing Shared Resources

                •             Opening Shared Resource Projects

                •             Opening the Resource Pool Only

                •             Assembling a Resource Master

                •             Working With a Resource Master


                •             Understanding Custom Fields

                •             Creating Custom Fields

                •             Inserting Custom Fields

                •             Creating A Formula In A Custom Field

                •             Modifying A Formula

                •             Testing A Formula

                •             Understanding Graphical Indicator Custom Fields

                •             Creating Graphical Indicator Custom Fields

                •             Creating A Lookup Custom Field

                •             Creating An Outline Code Mask

                •             Entering Lookup Table Values

                •             Using A Lookup Table


                •             Understanding WBS Codes

                •             Creating WBS Codes

                •             Altering Tasks With Custom WBS Codes

                •             Renumbering WBS Codes

                •             Editing Custom WBS Codes


                •             Adding Custom Fields

                •             Formatting Table Fields

                •             Creating A Lookup Table

                •             Using A Custom Table

                •             Using A Hyperlink Field


                •             Preparing For The Custom View

                •             Creating A Custom Filter For The View

                •             Creating A Custom Group For The View

                •             Creating A Custom Table For The View

                •             Creating The Custom View

                •             Removing A Custom View And Its Components


                •             Understanding Working With Applications

                •             Copying a Gantt Chart Image

                •             Copying Table Data

                •             Copying to Microsoft Excel

                •             Linking to Microsoft Excel

                •             Exporting to Microsoft Excel

                •             Exporting to Excel Using a Map


                •             Understanding Graphical Reports

                •             How Graphical Reports Work

                •             Running A Report

                •             Formatting Chart Objects

                •             Manipulating Report Data

                •             Filtering Report Data

                •             Cloning An Existing Report

                •             Creating A New Report

                •             Enhancing Report Appearance

                •             Making Reports Global

                •             Removing Unwanted Reports


                •             Understanding Visual Reports

                •             Understanding Excel Visual Reports

                •             Creating A Visual Report From A Template

                •             Choosing Fields To Display In A Visual Report

                •             Changing The X Axis Categories

                •             Filtering A Visual Report

                •             Formatting A Visual Report

                •             Saving A Visual Report As A Template

                •             Using A Custom Visual Report Template

                •             Generating S-Curves


What our students say about us :

"Attended for Ms Project beginner level training. Both staff and trainer are very friendly and helpful" - Abdullah Haziq Asmawadi 

"My office had Microsoft project, and very few of our employees knew how to use it. As I frequently depended on others to plan and enter the data for the project, I decided to learn it myself. In 2 days, Cad Design Centre thought the simple way to manage projects with Microsoft Project, and I am very happy with my new learning. I could quickly use what I learnt, in my office" - Mr C.H. Yap

"The training Ms Project content was very useful and practical to be used by professionals in their work/career. This place quite comfortable with complete utilities and equipment to be used in the training" - Nur Yasmin 

View what our students say:

Ahmad Hairi (Oil & Gas Consultant) -

Loga, IOI Group (Construction Company) :

Kent, Spirit Aero (Aeronautics company, Subang)




Courses we offer and what it is about :

2D /3D / CAD


AutoCAD 2D Essentials - is for beginners (with no experience or very little experience in AutoCAD) - what you will learn - from zero to knowing how to draw new drawings, or do editing to existing drawings.

AutoCAD 2D Advanced is for those already familiar with 2D - but want to go deeper into 2D

AutoCAD 3D Essentials- is for those who are already familiar with AutoCAD 2D and want to go to 3D 

Solidworks 3D Essentials- is for beginners starting with Solidworks . This course has all the necessities to get started and model in 3D with Solidworks  

Inventor 3D Essentials- is for beginners starting with Inventor . This course has all the necessities to get started and model in 3D with Solidworks

3D Studio Max Basics  - is for beginners starting with 3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max Intermediate - is for those already familiar with 3D Studio Max – wanting to deeper into rendering


Project Management

Microsoft Project Basics - is for those with no experience using Microsoft project, or just starting with Microsoft project.

Microsoft Project Advanced – for those who are already very familiar with Microsoft project and wish to go deeper – S Curves, Reporting, Combining with Excel

Effective Project Management Skills with Project Risk Management - is for those involved with projects - Participants will learn about achieving objectives by succesfull planning, organising resources and effective execution whilst managing the expectations of customers and stakeholders. They will also learn how to manage resources so that there is no wastage of time and money.

Fees  - 2D, 3D, CAD

1.       AutoCAD 2D Essentials    (Normal fees RM 1500, current promo RM 1230 )

2.       AutoCAD 2D Advanced (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )

3.       AutoCAD 3D Essentials  (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )

4.       Solidworks 3D Essentials  (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )

5.       Inventor 3D Essentials  (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )

6.       3D PrintingEssentials : (Normal price RM 2150, current promo RM 1490)

7.       3D Max Basics   (Normal fees RM 1500, current promo RM 1230 )

8.       3D Max Intermediate     (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1350 )


Fees  - Project Management

9.       Microsoft Project   (Normal fees RM 1500, current promo RM 1230 )

10.   Microsoft Project  Advanced  (Normal fees RM 1750, current promo RM 1450 )

11.   Effective Project Management Skills with Project Risk Management(Normal price RM 1350, current promo RM 1150)


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  • Age requirement: 17-60 years old
  • Total students: 4-6 students
  • Number of lessons: 1 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 1,450 per package

Fee Includes

Laptop during training