Malaysia Online Power Point Practical Class


为什么孩子们要学 Power Point (PPT) 呢?


  • 学会了PPT,让呈现显得更为生动和专业。多掌握一个技能,让孩子们在学的路上,比同龄的显得更为优越!
  • 学习PPT,让孩子们可以专注完善自己的作品,精益求精,同时也能让学习变成主动,孩子会专研出所要的效果和呈现方式。
  • 另外,PPT也能让孩子们掌握演说的技巧和设计。Power Point ~ 一个小学,中学,大学甚至职场都可用上的技能。


Why should we learn Microsoft Power Point -: 

PowerPoint is a program used to present data and information by using slides. In slides, we can use text, images, and diagrams with animations and transitional effects. It is also called presentation software as it helps us present ideas to groups of people in a very attractive way. 

Students can use it in their stage presentation, projects, curriculum report, poster design and etc. Power Point "Practical" class as to ensure that every student successfully grasp, retain and apply all the PPT technique. 

  • Age requirement: All age group
  • Total students: 20
  • Number of lessons: 10 lesson(s) for each package

Fees Information

Price: RM 329 per package

Fee Includes

  • Class Fees